You may encounter problems where you need to add a whole and a mixed number. For example, add 2 and a mixed number 1561 . In this case, the whole parts are added separately, and the fractional part is left unchanged:


Here the mixed fraction 1561 was expanded as part of the solution, then the whole parts were grouped and added together. At the end the whole and fractional parts were folded. The result was the answer 1563.

Let's try to represent this solution in the form of a picture. If you add three whole pizzas and a third of a pizza to two whole pizzas, you get five whole pizzas and a third of a pizza:


Example 2. Find the value of the expression 1564

In this example, as in the previous one, you have to add up the whole parts:


The integer part and the fractional part remain to be rolled up, but the thing is that the fractional part of 1574 is an improper fraction. First, we need to isolate the integer part in this improper fraction. Then add the integer part of that fraction to 4, and leave the fractional part unchanged. Let's continue this example on a new line:


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