"Math from scratch. A Step-by-Step studying of Mathematics for Beginners" is a new project designed for people who want to learn mathematics on their own from scratch.

There are no easy solutions and you won't see such statements as "Buy this book and pass math with an A" or "Master math in 12 hours" here. Math is a pretty big science that should be learned consistently and very slowly.

The site presents math lessons that are ordered on a "simple to complex" basis. Each lesson covers one or more math topics. The lessons are divided into steps. You will start with Number topic and work your way up.

Each lesson should be understandable.

Therefore, if you do not understand one lesson, you cannot move on to the next one, because each lesson in mathematics is based on understanding the previous one. If you don't understand a lesson the first time, don't feel bad. Some people have spent months and years trying to understand even one single topic. Despair and discouragement are definitely not your way. Read, study, try, and try again.

Mathematics is well learned when a person opens up a textbook on his or her own to teach himself or herself. This develops a certain discipline, which is very helpful in the future. If you follow the principle "from the simple to the complex," you will be surprised to find that math is not that difficult. You might even find it interesting and engaging.

What will the knowledge of math give you? First, the confidence. Not everyone knows math, so knowing that you know at least some part of this serious science makes you special. Second, once you've mastered math, you'll easily master other sciences and be able to think much more broadly. The knowledge of mathematics allows you to master professions such as programmer, accountant, and economist. No one will argue that these professions are very much in demand today.

In general, go for it, friend!

We wish you good luck in the study of mathematics!