"Math from Scratch: A Step-by-Step Guide to Learning Mathematics for Beginners" is a new project designed for individuals who want to learn mathematics independently, starting from the very basics.

There are no shortcuts or unrealistic promises like "Buy this book and ace math with an A" or "Master math in 12 hours." Mathematics is a vast subject that requires a consistent and gradual approach to learning.

The website presents math lessons in a "simple to complex" order, with each lesson covering one or more mathematical concepts. Each lesson is divided into steps to make the learning process more manageable. You will begin with the Numbers topic and gradually progress to more advanced concepts.

Our goal is to ensure that each lesson is easily understandable. Therefore, it is essential to fully comprehend one lesson before moving on to the next, as each topic builds on the previous one. If you struggle to understand a lesson initially, do not worry. It is not uncommon for individuals to spend months or even years trying to grasp a single topic. The key is to persevere, read, study, and practice until you understand the concept.

Mathematics is best learned when individuals take the initiative to teach themselves. This fosters discipline, which is a valuable trait in any field. If you follow the "simple to complex" principle, you may be surprised to find that math is not as challenging as you thought it to be, and it may even become enjoyable.

Learning math offers several benefits. First, it boosts confidence since not everyone has an understanding of math. Second, mastering math skills can help individuals excel in other areas and think more broadly. Professions such as programming, accounting, and economics require a strong foundation in mathematics, which is in high demand in today's job market.